Susanne Tedrick

Spotlight on Susanne Tedrick


Q: How has your identity as a woman of color influenced your career journey and leadership style, and what advice would you offer to other women of color navigating similar paths?
A: While being a woman of color in the tech industry has presented its challenges, it has also presented opportunities. Specifically, resiliency and adaptability – adapting to changes, persevering through setbacks, and above all else, remaining committed to my goals. It has also deepened my empathy and being inclusive. Having had times in my career where I was excluded and marginalized, it made me strive to make sure that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.

My guidance for those in a similar place is to always to be true to yourself and embrace your unique perspective. Your background, skills and experience make you invaluable and should not be hidden from the world.

Q: Why do you find it significant to serve as a mentor for women of color?
A: Mentorship was a key part of my career journey and success. Having people in my life who were not only committed to my skill development but my well-being has made all the difference. I want to help and pass on my knowledge and skills to other women of color. I want them not only to know that a career in technology is absolutely for them should they choose, but I also want them to be successful and thrive.