Dija Henry

Spotlight on Dija Henry


Q: How has your identity as a woman of color influenced your career journey and leadership style, and what advice would you offer to other women of color navigating similar paths
A: My identity as a woman of color influenced me to find alternative paths to achieving my dreams. I had to learn to pick myself even when it felt like there was no room for me in the industry. As a result I’ve learned to lean into my creativity which I now consider my super power.

My leadership style is collaborative. My goal is to bring the best people I can together and then facilitate an environment where people can feel safe and bring their whole self to the project. My goal is to support others so that they can shine. When you shine we all shine. My advice to other women of color is support each other and make space for one another. We are stronger together.

Q: Why do you find it significant to serve as a mentor for women of color?
A: Part of our purpose in life is to serve others. What better way than to put your hand out for the next ones coming up behind us? Every time we can mentor and share knowledge we shorten the learning curve and increase capacity and innovation for people of color. I remember what is was like trying to learn everything on my own. I’m so grateful for the mentors in my own life. The truth is in order for people of color to grow and have opportunities in industries like technology and entertainment it’s important that we find good mentors. I believe that through mentorship we can make each of our industries better and when our industries are better the world is better.