Spotlight on Shelley Jeffcoat


Q: How has your identity as a woman of color influenced your career journey and leadership style, and what advice would you offer to other women of color navigating similar paths?
A: Navigating my career and leadership roles as a black woman from Jamaica has been a journey of resilience, authenticity, and impact. My identity has deeply influenced my approach, teaching me the power of embracing my unique story and the importance of creating inclusive spaces. As a woman of color in diverse fields—from authorship to corporate leadership—I lead with empathy and a commitment to mentorship, recognizing the strength in our shared experiences and the value of our perspectives.



To other women of color on similar paths, my advice is succinct:
Embrace Your Story: Your gifts and talents are part of your superpower. Use it.
Seek and Be a Mentor: The journey is richer with shared wisdom.
Cultivate Resilience: Learn to adapt and thrive in the face of challenges. I view challenges as a way to pivot into purpose or opportunities to learn and grow.
Lead Authentically: True leadership is rooted in integrity and values.
Champion Diversity: Advocate for practices that celebrate our voices

Q: Why do you find it significant to serve as a mentor for women of color?
A: Serving as a mentor for women of color is significant to me because it allows me to empower and uplift a community that faces unique challenges and disparities. By sharing knowledge, experiences, and support, I help create pathways for success and representation in spaces where our voices are crucial yet often underrepresented. This mentorship partnership with MOC not only fosters individual growth and resilience but also contributes to breaking systemic barriers, promoting diversity, and building a more inclusive and equitable future for all. It’s my why I’ll continue to support Mentors of Color