Chief Mentor


Mentors of Color is looking to enable people of color to excel in their personal and career trajectory. In order to do this we want to further engage our existing community and reach outwards to build a larger and stronger community.

We are looking for someone passionate about DEI issues and helping others succeed. Our group is all people of color who are looking to connect with others are mentors and mentees. This includes college students, executives, entrepreneurs, and tech professionals, etc.

This position is to be a chief mentor and community manager for our Slack group and email subscribers. What the role would entail is welcoming new members to the slack workspace, keeping the community engaged throughout the week, moderation if necessary, other creative ways to engage members and ensure everyone is gaining value from being a part of the community

You must good at using Slack and other tools such as substack. This is a small time investment (probably less than 5 hours a week), but important position as you will be the person who shows care for the people in our community.


  • Keeping the community engaged week to week
  • Finding helpful resources for members
  • Building the culture of Mentors of Color
  • Creating email newsletters via Substack


  • Excellent writing skills with the ability to do research
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Familiar with Substack, Slack, and Social Media tools
  • Excellent with using technology and also learning new technology

Position Details

  • Part time
  • Remote is ok

Other considerations

  • Certain tasks will need to be done during work hours